Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Your place or mine?

I have been pondering the possible causes for the litany of challenges my beloved (who we will refer to as Dream DILF or DD for short) and I have endured as a couple and a newly blended family. Over the weeks ahead I will be covering some of these causes and their effects. Things I didn't anticipate, but maybe should have? What could possibly go wrong when you are in love with a your Dream DILF and his two kids?
I mean, I love kids. I even have one myself.
DD obviously knew something I didn’t. The first 3 months of our relationship he repeatedly asked me “are you sure you want this?”  I thought he was being cute, however I realize now that he was referring to how I would adjust to life with children much younger than mine. Previously to meeting DD I had been living the single life of a ski bum and had a very independent 15 year old. This adjustment to my life will be the subject of another blog, I’m sure. Until then, we have more immediate drama to attend to. This is what I always wanted, after all, a real family and I was not going to let him deter me.
Despite DD only being out of his marriage for just a few short months, he must have considered the possible scenarios that might play out, given his already high drama divorce, should we choose to jump in with both feet and co-habitate. Had I known what he knew then, I might not have gotten on the divorce-coaster so eagerly. But was I was quite happy and oblivious in my love induced delusion thank you much.  And apparently so was he. Neither he nor I hit the brakes. We were too much in love for sensibility.
"Move in with you, really? Ok. Sigh." Clearly we didn’t think that one through all the way. 

“It will be great, we will all live together, and we’ll make illegitimate babies" Wink wink

Where was the practical headed nerd that I now know and love, then, huh?

So here’s my advice when the DILF of your dreams asks you to move into the home he shared with the Evil Ex:
 Do NOT move into the home DILF of your Dreams shared with the Evil-Ex. Gee, I wish someone had written this blog 18 months ago before I made that epic faux pas. Are those murmurs? Did someone say:  “Duh … is this blogger a complete idiot?”  You wait.  We are just scratching the surface of my awesome decision making.  Just keep reading my blog, you’ll see.
Yes, choosing the newly blended family home can be a real defining decision and is not to be made under the influence of a love induced delusion.  Just be patient, wait until the dust settles, the crime scene sells, and all of her Tupperware and underwear is packed up and out. Then you can move into a new place together.  Unless your life has become utterly boring and you want to add a little Evil Ex screaming and pounding at the front door to spice things up?  Forgive me if I sound callous, and I assure you we will be discussing empathy for the Evil Ex in a future blog. For now, this one’s laying in the extra-marital bed she made. Next week:  assets, underwear and Aww-kward!

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