Thursday, 16 August 2012

Kiddies in the middle

Ironic that only last night I posted a tragic tale of bad parental behaviour and its toll on the innocent. Distpite everything I have witnessed over the past 18th months of my relationship with DD, I am still shocked and amazed when the Evil Ex's weapon of choice is her own the children.

Last week DD politely requested the Evil Ex send the passports along so we could head over the line and go camping in Anacortes Wa. for the weekend. We did not recieve a reply. Another polite reminder was sent this am. Here's how the conversation went, pretty much verabatum.

DD "Just reminding you that we need the childrens passports for our trip this weekend."

EE "I will not be sending the passports with the children"

DD "why are you punishing the children?"

EE "I will have them call you later to discuss"

DD "you will have them call to discuss? They are 10 and 8. Why are you putting the children in the middle?"

EE (silence)

DD "Your selfishness never ceases to amaze..."

EE (silence)

EE's inner monologue "Oh, I am so clever! I just totally screwed... uh-I mean saved my children from a horrible weekend by the seaside, swimming, riding bikes, hiking into waterfalls and roasting schmores over the campfire"

Seriously, who are these people?

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