Thursday, 16 August 2012

I am a total freak

Speaking of our weekend getaway…

I really want my 16 year old son to come.

He is the apple of my eye and at 6’3 he’s a big hunky apple.

I love him. For those of you with younger children, please don’t take it for granted that you will forever be the apple of your little man’s eye.

I remember when the Toad was about 7 we often read “I love you forever” by Robert Munch before bed.  Every time, I bawled like a baby at the ending.  

On one occassion, the littleToad looked up at me with his big blue eyes and freckly nose, and in a very sarcastic tone said “really, mom?”  as in... "could you stop blubbering already you freak?"


There was a time I distinctly remember, when Shawn promised me that he would always want to live with me. I explained that one day he would grow up and get married and have a family of his own. I assured him that he would not always want to live with me. The little toad could not even fathom the words I was saying and his eyes welled with tears at the mere thought of it. Those were the days.

Getting Toad involved with any family activities these days  is akin to pulling teeth. That was, until Freckle Face came on the scene.

Freckle Face is my favourite person. She is 16 and pretty and smart and when FF is around The Toadactually resembles a human being. He showers, he brushes his teeth and he speaks to me in a tone that is just slightly less sarcastic than his usual one. Thank goodness she is around a lot!

I had the ingenious notion that is if FF would come camping, then Toad would come too. Maybe he would even hang out and go tubing down the creek, or biking on the trails with us. It was brilliant!  Convincing FF's mom that she should come away for the weekend with her boyfriend and his family was another story. Crap.

So here’s what I did… I called Freckle Faces mom. I was determined to convince her that we are responsible, and that of course they will be supervised and have separated tents etc.

The chat started out so well. We talked about how cute this teenage puppy love is between our kids and how much we both love the others child. I had her all buttered up. I thought “this is great I got this in the bag, no problem-o”.  Alas but, no. You know when a conversation is about to take a turn into disappointment -ville.  The tone of voice shifts from perky and optimistic to:  “listen, you people are great, but we just don’t think at 16 it’s appropriate…” “I know” I say ”I understand… sniff” Then I did what any desperate to have her only son come on a camping trip mother would do… I started to cry.  I started to blubber and cry on the phone to FF's mom like an utterly hormonal pre-empty nester “But... but... but…Toad won’t come if FF doesn’t come! he doesn’t want to hang out with me any more! He’s going to move out and we will never have had this weekend together and this is so unfair and it's all your fault!!!  Can she come PLEEEEAAAASE??? “

I didn’t win that fight.

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